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Sony Ericsson K550

Este es un SE CHIPSET:DB2020.
Desbloqueo/ Reparar - Unlock / Repair.

-Liberacion: Se marca Signed Mode y alternative bypass (CID52/53)+preloader bypass (solo CID50/51)
(Se debe chequear la presencia del archivo rest y bypass package)

-Flasheo: Se debe marcar Signed Mode para telefonos RED.

-EROM Upgrade: Presionando Recovery. (Cuidado que queda en CID53)

-User Code: Solo puedes resetarlo (0000) marcando solo Signed Mode y presionando Unlock/Repair

-Reparacion seczone: Mediante TestPoint.

-Reparacion GDFS: Mediante TestPoint.

Esto es para hacer un Empty Fill & Repair

You Must DO THIS in order EXACTLY from A to Z :

Use Setool2 V1.xx version

Don't add your login details !

Go to Empty fill tab set model "K550"
Go to settings and tick Signed Mode
Go to Empty fill tab press Recovery
Connect phone to USB Hold 2+5 keys
Click ADD and set a K550 GDFS.SSW from SETOOL\GDFS folder
Connect phone to USB Hold 2+5 keys
Press Flash
Click Remove and repeat the operation with Erom (DB2020 CID53)
Connect phone to USB Hold 2+5 keys
Press Flash

If you have respected each every step in order 
Your phone is Full Unlocked for Free and working again !

100% Tested & Working ! 

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